Aliens of the Babylon 5 universe

A peaceful semi-aquatic race, the Abbai are the social glue that holds the League of Non-Aligned Worlds together. Abbai found outside their home system are usually traders or pilgrims seeking either friendly contact with other races or enlightenment as to the nature of what community means to other sentient races.

Personality: The ancient fighting spirit of the Alacans is reborn in the tiny remnant of the race that is still alive. Though a minority of Alacans have resigned themselves to the doom of their race, the majority are determined to rise again. They have paid a great price for their dedication to peace, and do not intend to fall back into that trap again. If the Alacans survive as a race and thrive, they will almost certainly never return to their old ways before the Dilgar came. Those Alacans dedicated to racial survival, primarily military men, have begun to embrace draconian practices such as forced breeding programs in an attempt to repopulate the species. The Alacans of 50 years ago would scarcely recognise their people today.

The Brakiri have gained a reputation as pack rats, who invent nothing and only steal technological advances from others. However, the Brakiri Syndicracy is one of the main powers within the League of Non-Aligned Worlds and they have gathered a great many allies through the political and trade treaties.

Once known as the Lion of the Galaxy, the Centauri Republic has suffered several setbacks in recent history and is now a fraction of its original size. At one time or another, it seems that the Centauri have fought with most races except the Minbari and Vorlons, though their most recent conflict has been with the Narn Regime. The subsequent expansion of Narn territory has cut deeply into the Centauri Republic and there is a growing feeling of unrest among the noble houses that, as a race, they should be seeking to return to the old days of wealth and glory.

Personality: The Descarans are are, surprisingly, a very cautious and frightened people. Though they have come far technologically, their ships and weapons are still no match for what the majority of the major spacefaring races can muster, a fact which was recently hammered home to them by the Dilgar and the Gaim. To the Descarans, the galaxy seems vast and threatening, and they are wary of involving themselves in it until they know they are strong enough to survive.



Rarely taken seriously by the major races of the galaxy, the Drazi are in fact one of the most powerful governments within the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, dominating many systems in their region of space. Their society is one based on conflict and physical strength, and Drazi are noted for using their fists to resolve problems without a second thought.


The young race of Humanity has a manifest destiny among the stars and the expanding Earth Alliance now controls many systems beyond Sol. They can be found throughout the galaxy and are the most common race found on board Babylon 5. Though borders still exist on their homeworld, it is now governed as one under the Earth Alliance and so Human characters may be of any culture. Being nearly brought to the brink of extinction during the recent war with the Minbari, coupled with the mysterious surrender at the Battle of the Line, left deep marks on Humanity’s collective psyche. The threat of alien invasion awoke a dormant strain of xenophobia on Earth (although this is far less prevalent on the colonies), while the surrender convinced many that Humanity was marked with a special destiny. Certainly, Humanity’s star has been in the ascendant in the last decade.


The Minbari are regarded with a great deal of respect by the other races, for they have been travelling the dark reaches of space for many centuries and have access to incredible technologies. Their ships are all but invincible in battle, their weapons capable of penetrating any defensive measure known. It is rumoured that they also have access to limited bio- and temporal technologies, though this has never been confirmed, for the Minbari are a secretive and spiritual people who have only recently begun to mix with other races. No one is quite sure why they have decided to openly emerge into the galaxy at this time but their actions in the Earth-Minbari War a decade ago have ensured most will tread lightly when dealing with them.

Once a peaceful, agrarian people, the Narns have been reforged into a young and vitalised race who have thrown off the shackles of Centauri occupation. There is a high degree of optimism within the Narns, a sense that they can achieve almost anything in the galaxy. This has made them seem incredibly warlike, even savage, to other races, who tend to keep a close eye on their activities.

The Pak’ma’ra are a minor species, known – or perhaps infamous – for their poor personal hygiene and carrion eating. For religious reasons, they devour the bodies of other sentients. The Pak’ma’ra have been accused of body theft and graverobbing in the past, but in recent times, they only take the bodies they are given. The Pak’ma’ra are relatively unsophisticated, both technologically and culturally. Their homeworld has huge deposits of Quantium-40, the element used in hyperspace travel, so they were brought into the League with almost unseemly haste.

Personality: Torta are like nothing so much as walking, thinking sharks. They are predators in all ways, looking for and exploiting weakness, whether it be in warfare, in a trade agreement or even in the rare conversation a member of this race has with an outsider.

Coldly rational and eerily silent, the Vree are not a common sight anywhere in the galaxy. Even in those few places where they do appear with any great frequency (League Council Halls, Babylon 5, certain trading colonies), they keep to themselves and rarely seek out the company of others. This does not suggest a race well suited for group interaction, but there are conditions under which the Vree might choose to associate with other races (which they collectively call ‘The Illogicals’). The Vree might wish to study some aspect of alien culture to better understand it. They might also wish to open trade negotiations with members of a given race and decide they first need an appreciation for how random elements of that race behave. The Vree are eternally curious and while they are rarely social, they do have a habit of observing other species and cultures.

Personality: Introspective and even-tempered, but dangerous if roused, the Yolu could have become a major power in the galaxy had they cared to do so. However, they care little for such things – having risen above the tribal fighting that once threatened their race, they have no intention of indulging in it on a larger scale. Yolu see betterment of the self as a loftier goal than temporal power. Such betterment, of course, comes only with discipline and self-control.

Zanderians a realitively peaceful humanoid speices hailing from Zander Prime. Zanderians are a low tech civilisation but a strong and enduring people. In the eyes of many other races the make ideal slaves.

Aliens of the Babylon 5 universe

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